SMACSS was written in 2011. This site remains for archival and educational purposes.

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Like most other sites, your information is collected and dissected. Let me count the ways.


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This site used to collect and store login information but the site has since become a static archive and therefore I am no longer storing any user login information. Those who have purchased a copy of the book may have done so through my Shopify storefront. Transaction information is stored on Shopify. Personally identifiable information can be deleted upon request.

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  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction


  1. Categorizing CSS Rules
  2. Base Rules
  3. Layout Rules
  4. Module Rules
  5. State Rules
  6. Theme Rules
  7. Changing State

Aspects of SMACSS

  1. Depth of Applicability
  2. Selector Performance
  3. HTML5 and SMACSS
  4. Prototyping
  5. Preprocessors
  6. Drop the Base
  7. The Icon Module
  8. Complicated Inheritance
  9. Screencast: Applying the Principles
  10. Screencast: Avoiding Content-specific Context


  1. Formatting Code
  2. Resources